How to Understand the Mind 

the nature and power of the mind

weekly study program 

sunday afternoons 4pm – 6pm

at 26 Menston Road, Westville (close to Westville Mall)

‘We often say, “My mind, my mind”, but if someone were to ask us, “What is your mind”, we would have no correct answer. This is because we do not understand the nature and function of the mind correctly.’ Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

Do you have the wish to deepen your understanding of Buddha’s teachings and your meditation experience?

The weekly study program classes are based on Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s extraordinary book, How to Understand the Mind.


What is the mind? How does it work to understand objects? Where do negative minds come from? How can we improve our concentration and other peaceful minds? What is an enlightened mind? We will answer these questions, and many more, all while learning to meditate in depth on the beautiful and blissful nature of our pure mind. 

Taught by  Kelsang Jampel, Resident Teacher of the Mahasiddha Centre.

This class is participated in as part of our Foundation Study Programme, allowing you to go into the material in greater depth as we enjoy a weekly systematic study of this remarkable text.

 Students on the Foundation Study Programme commit to attending all classes, to memorizing essential points, to preparing for classes in advance and writing a test on the sections covered in the classes.  

Classes include chanted prayers to prepare our minds for meditation, guided meditations, practical teachings on the mind and opportunity for group discussion.

cost is R360 a month to become a monthly member


For More Information or to Enrol Tel : 031 266 0096 or email info@meditateindurban.org 
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