If you are finding benefit from the teachings and the community at KMC Durban, please consider joining on as a full-fledged supporting member.
Becoming a supporting member of KMC Durban is the most economical way to enjoy all our classes, retreats, courses and branch classes while also supporting the growth of this extraordinary resource for the people of the Durban area, and beyond.

If you attend the Centre, branch classes or retreats regularly, your membership will represent a substantial savings over the pay-as-you-go costs.
In addition, it also provides many opportunities for you to deepen your practice as well as to meet other committed practitioners.

Benefits include:

Please Note

Some events, public talks and empowerments may have a special fee.

Belonging to a membership


Membership Fee

Please note the monthly membership fee is a monthly commitment for 6 months, which can then be renewed. (donation to gov. reg. non-profit org)

R360 Per Month